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This week we take a deeper look at two subjects: more affordable ways to finance your gear and the current state of VR tools and cameras. Plus, we take a special VR trip to the International Space Station. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Barbara Griffith, Aden Bahadori, Jim Malcolm and James DeRuvo.
  • A Better Way to Finance Gear
  • Better Tools for Immersive VR Video
  • A 360 VR Leap Into Space
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Apple showcased the future and we have two reports on WWDC18. Then, we look at the state-of-the-art in media collaboration tools with reports from Avid, Adobe and, each highlighting how we can all work together more easily and what the future holds. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Tim Standing, Alan Hoff, Alissa Johnson, Emery Wells and James DeRuvo.
  • A Developer Reports from WWDC18
  • Collaboration Tools From Avid
  • Collaboration Tools from Adobe
  • Collaboration Tools from
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Tonight, we talk with women about the challenges and opportunities to working in media. How to succeed in a male-dominated industry, the importance of mentors and advice to women trying to grow their careers. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Tuesday McGowan, Erin Sarofsky, Leandra Dichirico, Phoenix Gonzalez, Carrie Wooten and James DeRuvo.
  • Creating
  • A Creative Career is a Tricky Balance
  • Using Gear Designed for Men
  • Where do Career Obstacles come from?
  • The Right Mentor Fast-Tracks a Career
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Tonight, we look at the latest in audio technology and gear - from networking to live production to on-set mixers. Plus, we take a side trip into learning about new ways to distribute your content. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Paul Isaacs, Derek Badala, Jeremy Mims, Rob Read and James DeRuvo.
  • New Gear for On-Set Audio Recording & Mixing
  • RME: The Difference is in the Drivers
  • Creating Content for the "New" Radio
  • New Audio Technology from Roland
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
If you want to be as efficient as you can be, you need an effective workflow - a formal, organized process for completing a task efficiently. This can be as simple as a paper-trail or more complicated like a 3rd-party application. Tonight we talk with industry leaders in workflow to see what's available and how to create a workflow that works for you. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Michael Cioni, Joel Stoner, Andy Shenkler, Greg Dolan, Michael Kammes and James DeRuvo.
  • Defining a Good Workflow
  • Studio Suite Helps Facilities Manage
  • "One:" Cloud-based Workflow for Filmmakers
  • The Power of an Automated Workflow
  • Build a Better Workflow
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Storage is a constantly evolving technology that's increasingly critical to media creation. Tonight we talk with Key thought leaders in the storage world about what's new, what we need to watch and how to keep older systems current. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Tom Coughlin, David Feller, Nathaniel Cooper, Larry O'Connor and James DeRuvo.
  • Explaining Tomorrow's Storage Technology
  • Spectra Logic Stands For Storage
  • Why Consider Promax Shared Storage
  • Better Ways to Upgrade Your Mac
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Technology has never been more important to filmmakers. Tonight, we showcase exciting new trends that exploded at NAB: eGPUs, Cloud-based animation, drones, and ProRes RAW. New today, these will be the workhorses of tomorrow. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Larry O'Connor, Rex Grignon, Brian Streem, Jeromy Young and James DeRuvo.
  • The Inside Scoop on eGPUs
  • Revolutionizing Animation with The Cloud
  • A Team That Creates Perfect Aerials
  • Digital Recorders and ProRes RAW
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
This evening, we're focusing on the intersection of The Cloud with collaboration, visual effects and storage, with some very interesting discussions regarding new products and services announced at NAB 2018. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Thomas Burns, Matt Mazerolle, Vijay Char, Ahin Thomas and James DeRuvo.
  • Scalable, Flexible Storage for Media Collaboration
  • New for VFX collaboration: Athera
  • New Storage Technology from Promise
  • The Benefits of Cloud-Based Backups
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Now that the 2018 NAB Show is over, we have a chance to look back and see what significant trends and products we were unable to cover. Tonight, we talk with several of the companies that we couldn't fit on our NAB Show BuZZ broadcasts. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Jeff Stansfield, Kevin Waehner, Chris Bailey, Wilson McCoy, Ali Ahmadi and James DeRuvo.
  • Trends and Products at NAB 2018
  • New Wireless Gear from Sennheiser
  • A Faster Way to Move Files
  • Better Media Capture and Management
  • Better Booms and Bags
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the NAB Show floor, as he talks with:
  • Chris Brown, EVP, Convention and Business Operations, NAB
  • Laura Williams Argilla, Director of Product Management for Professional Audio and Video, Professional Video, Adobe
  • Matthew Bennion, Senior Product Marketing Manager, G-Technology
  • Eric Larsen, Director of Marketing, TASCAM