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This week on The BuZZ we turn our attention to the evolving role of producers and the state of production today. How are producers coping with changes in audience, technology, budgets and clients? Tonight, these experienced producers share their views of production from the inside. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Bob Bain, David Tillman, JJ Kelley and James DeRuvo.
  • Producing: The Challenge of Change
  • The Evolving Role of Producer
  • Producing Docs in a World of “Fake News”
  • The Weekly doddleNEWS Update
We press a button and the words on our screen appear on paper. Now, we can also press a button and the object on our screen prints using a 3D printer. In tonight's show, we look at what these things are, how they work, and how they are used in education and media. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Joel Telling, Braydon Moreno, John Jordan and James DeRuvo.
  • Get Started with 3D Printing
  • Pick the Right 3D Printer
  • 3D Printing in Education
  • 3D Printing in Media
  • The Weekly doddleNEWS Update
Thanksgiving, here in the US, reminds us to take time and be thankful for what we have. This includes family, friends and health, of course. But, here at The Buzz, we are also grateful for our guests and our audience. So, in celebration of the season, here are some of our favorite interviews from the recent past. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Norman Hollyn, Mark Harrison, Barbara Griffiths, Jim Malcolm and James DeRuvo.
  • The Art of Telling a Story
  • How Production Handles Change
  • A Better Way to Finance Gear
  • A 360/VR Leap Into Space
  • The Weekly doddleNEWS Update
Just as we can't have "too much" storage, media can not be "too organized." It seems we spend way too much time trying to find the one specific clip we need for our project. Tonight, we look at different ways to manage media - from asset managers to better ways of working - all focused on individual editors and smaller work groups. From better ways to use the Finder to media asset management packages, tonight's show will help you work faster and better. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Rod Harrison, Robert Krüger, David Schleifer, Michael Kammes and James DeRuvo.
  • Drobo's Fastest Storage: The 8D
  • Sneak Peak: Kyno 1.6 Media Manager
  • Primestream: Everything Everywhere
  • Tips for Better Media Management
  • The Weekly doddleNEWS Update
Apple released new hardware last week, so this week, we take a look at their new gear. Plus, we look at new, emerging media technologies you also need to know about. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Larry O'Connor, Jim Tierney, Kieran Farr, Adrian Herrera and James DeRuvo.
  • Close Look at Apple's New Hardware
  • Search Premiere Everywhere - All At Once
  • High-Quality, Automated Media Handling
  • A Better Way to Store Your Media?
  • The Weekly doddleNEWS Update
This week, we take an in-depth look at all the latest media products from Adobe; from Premiere to Premiere Rush. We talk directly with the product managers responsible for these new releases, why they created them and how we can benefit from them. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Patrick Palmer, Dennis Radeke, Danielle Darby, Durin Gleaves and James DeRuvo.
  • New Features: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • New Features: Adobe Stock
  • New! Adobe Premiere Rush
  • New Features: Audio at Adobe
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
This week we look at Artificial Intelligence (AI). This seemed to burst on the scene a couple of years ago, then skyrocketed. Tonight we talk with industry thought leaders about what AI is, where it’s used and how it impacts the media work we do. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Philip Hodgetts, Andy Steinbach, Sam Bogoch and James DeRuvo.
  • The Basics of AI – Explained
  • A Physicist's View of AI
  • Practical Uses of AI in Media
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
This week we look at the business of running a creative company. Can we still earn a living in today's market? Is being "creative" enough? Discover the pitfalls and promises tonight and look at what can help us in our never-ending quest to pay the rent as budgets shrink and competition expands. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Paul Babb, Mark Toia, Tom Jennings and Steve Weiss.
  • How To Run a Successful Creative Business
  • Turn Creativity Into Revenue
  • Pitching Programs to the Networks
  • Is Creativity Enough? Um, No.
Nothing has revolutionized filming quite like drones. They enable us to get shots that were often impossible before, even with helicopters. Tonight, we talk with drone manufacturers, pilots, trainers and stock footage companies about how to pick the right drone, safe shooting techniques, and how to find the best drone footage for your projects. By the way, if you enjoy The Buzz, please give us a positive rating and review in the iTunes Store. We appreciate your support to help us grow our audience. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Patrick Santucci, Cory Acey, Brian Streem, Jason Teichman and James DeRuvo.
  • Find the Right Drone, Then Fly Safely
  • Learn to Fly with a Drone Simulator
  • Specialists in Drone Footage for Film
  • Pond5 Now Sells Drone Footage
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
This week, we look at the world of stunts. How they work, who creates them and what it’s like to perform them. We talk with four professional stunt people about how they got into the industry, how they setup a stunt and what it's like to crash a car at 100 miles per hour! Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Melissa Stubbs, Jack Gill, Georgia Durante, Buddy Joe Hooker and James DeRuvo.
  • Melissa Stubbs: Professional Stunts
  • Jack Gill: Action Designer/Director
  • From Mob Driver to Stunt Driver
  • "Stunts Unlimited:" The Back-Story
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update