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This week, we look at the world of stunts. How they work, who creates them and what it’s like to perform them. We talk with four professional stunt people about how they got into the industry, how they setup a stunt and what it's like to crash a car at 100 miles per hour! Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Melissa Stubbs, Jack Gill, Georgia Durante, Buddy Joe Hooker and James DeRuvo.
  • Melissa Stubbs: Professional Stunts
  • Jack Gill: Action Designer/Director
  • From Mob Driver to Stunt Driver
  • "Stunts Unlimited:" The Back-Story
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
IBC continues generating news this week as we talk with NewTek, SmallHD, Clear-Com, and about their latest announcements and products that they introduced at the annual trade show. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Brian Olson, Michael Ashman, Bob Boster, Sam Bogoch and James DeRuvo.
  • IBC 2018: NewTek
  • IBC 2018: SmallHD
  • IBC 2018: Clear-Com
  • IBC 2018:
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
IBC just ended and tonight, we talk with Adobe Systems, Avid and Blackmagic Design about their latest products and news. If you want to learn where our industry is headed, these interviews will point the way. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Dan May, Ray Thompson, Bill Roberts and James DeRuvo.
  • Blackmagic Design News From IBC 2018
  • Avid News From IBC 2018
  • Adobe News From IBC 2018
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
This week, we split our focus between new technology and the age-old craft of storytelling. We start with news from IBC and a report on a live multicam stream from boats in San Francisco Bay. Then, we talk with three leading filmmakers about their process of storytelling; from first idea to finished edit. Discover what it takes to make a story work. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Ron Vargas , Norman Hollyn, Tom Jennings, Josh Apter and James DeRuvo.
  • Multicam Live Streaming
  • The Art of Telling a Story
  • Documentary Storytelling
  • The Process of Creating a Story
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
IBC is exactly one week away, so, this week, we decided to showcase some of the trends, technology and products that we can expect next week when the show opens. We'll start with a big picture view of what to expect, then look at some new and exciting products. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Philip Hodgetts, Stefan Karle, Mike Palmer, Piet Thiele and James DeRuvo.
  • Expectations for IBC 2018
  • New at IBC 2018: Lighting
  • New at IBC 2018: Media Asset Management
  • Lenses, Filters & Changing Tastes
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Technology affects every aspect of media; including production. Tonight, we talk to the DPP about a recent survey on how production companies cope with changing technology. Then, Executive Producer Aaron Semmel discusses technology and story-telling. Next, tells us about their new award: the Masters Series. Finally, we chat with their first Master: Mark Toia about the challenges of production today. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Mark Harrison, Aaron Semmel, Emery Wells, Mark Toia and James DeRuvo.
  • How Production Handles Change
  • Producing: Stories vs. Technology
  • The Masters Series
  • The First Master
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
More than ever, as technology changes, it is important to keep our skills up-to-date. That means training. These few remaining days of summer are a perfect time to hone our existing skills or learn something new. Tonight we talk with a variety of different training firms about their approach to training and how to decide what works best for you. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Johnathon Amayo, Jim Malcolm, Ben Kozuch, Mak Azadi and James DeRuvo.
  • Training Media Professionals
  • New Ways to Teach VR
  • 20 Years of Professional Training
  • Inside Look at Online Training
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
We are in the trailing days of summer and children are (finally) starting to go back to school. Even better, that means that IBC is just around the corner. Tonight we talk with key industry leaders about what's coming this fall and where our industry is heading. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Mark Spencer, Philip Hodgetts, Ned Soltz, Michael Kammes and James DeRuvo.
  • An Inside Look at Creating Plug-ins
  • Looking Back - Looking Ahead
  • Camera Trends and Technology
  • Technology, Power and Efficiency
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
The classroom is evolving and tonight we look at how technology is used in education; both in the classroom and online. Are we using technology to teach or teaching technology - and is there an educational difference between online vs. in-classroom education? Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Van Bedient, Brian Gaffney, Patrick Dent, Holly Ludgate and James DeRuvo.
  • Adobe Opens Office Focused on Filmmakers
  • SMPTE: Education for Engineers
  • Educating Entrepreneurs
  • Education, Tech and Teens
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update
Changes in camera technology are driving dramatic changes in the lighting gear we use. Tonight we talk with both instrument and accessory makers to discover the latest trends and technology in lighting. Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Jakob Ballinger, Toby Sali, Freider Hochheim, Stefan Karle and James DeRuvo.
  • Light Bridge: Light For Tight Spaces
  • Brighter, More Accurate, Lights
  • The Lights That Changed Hollywood
  • New Technology to Shape Light
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update