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Digital Video Expo is produced by the editors of DV and Videography magazines and the Creative Planet Community sites.

Targeted at the independent film industr,y this three-day program includes tracks on tapeless production, 3D production, and web video, as well training sessions such as the RED Boot Camp, Digital Camera Supersession, and Lighting Workshop.

The Digital Production BuZZ will be covering DV Expo with LIVE shows
direct from the Pasadena Convention Center –
PLUS a special report that week on The BuZZ!

We are live – at booth 130 – at DV Expo. Stop by and say hello – or listen to our special show coverage, detailed below.

Sept 22, 2009 – Afternoon

Digital Video Expo Show 1 The Conference Begins

We begin our extended coverage of Digital Video Expo – live from the Pasadena Convention Center – with a look forward at the show.

Join host Larry Jordan as our first show talks with the executives responsible for planning this year’s event, two conference speakers talking about lighting techniques and growing your business, and two attendees discussing what they hope to get out of the conference.

TRT: 32:06


  • David E. Williams – Editor, DV MagazineDavid talks about getting ready for the show.
  • Carmel King, Executive Vice President, New Bay MediaCarmel explains the strategy behind DV Expo.
  • Jay Holben, Tech Editor, DV MagazineJay summarizes his conference session on lighting.
  • Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent AssistancePhilip summarizes his session on growing your business.
  • Steve O’Neil, Product Manager, iStor NetworksSteve explains why he attends DV Expo.
  • Stephanie Thomas, Line Producer, Disruptive StudiosStephanie tells us why getting better training is important.

Sept 23, 2009 – Morning

Digital Video Expo Show 2

Join host Larry Jordan as the Expo floor opens and the exhibitor stands fill up. In this show, we split our attention between conference and expo sessions.

TRT: 37:14


  • David Williams, Editor, DV MagazineDavid discusses hs reasons for including conferences.
  • Diana Weynand, Author and Co-founder, Weynand TrainingDiana talks about writing vs teaching and what works.
  • Drew Henderson, CEO, Alzo VideoDrew designs some very cool, cool lights.
  • Eric Harnden, Editor, Quintessential StudiosEric explains why he attends DV Expo.
  • Bruce Nazarian, The Digital GuyBruce has found a way to automate Blu-ray Disc production.

Sept 23, 2009 – Afternoon

Digital Video Expo Show 3

Join host Larry Jordan as we concentrate on exhibitors, with a closer look at DSLR cameras and a variety of interesting new products.

TRT: 36:12

  • Brian Valente, Partner, RedRockMicroBrian explains how his gear connects film accessories to a camera
  • Michael Wohl, Author, Final Cut Studio trainerMichael describes his conference training sessions in Final Cut Pro
  • Mike Hall, co-founder, Dana DollyMike discusses their new, lighter, lower cost dolly
  • Jeff Sobel, chief engineer, The Lennon Tour BusJeff explains how he got into audio and audio training
  • Doug Pircher, president, International SalesDoug shows 2 new products for white balance and tapeless media
  • Jens Bogenegn, co-founder, ZacutoJens explains why DSLR cameras are hot and geat to go with them

Sept 24, 2009 – Morning

Digital Video Expo Show 4

Join host Larry Jordan as our fourth show focuses on exhibitors with interesting products. We open with Jessica Sitomer, the keynote speaker at Digital Video Expo 2009, on how to get jobs in our industry.

TRT: 33:21

  • Jessica Sitomer, CEO, The Greenlight CoachJessica talks about how to get a job in our industry.
  • Steven Rushworth, Marking Director, GenusSteven shows off new camera matte boxes for filters and light control.
  • Stephanie Joyce, Business Development Manager, SmartsoundStephanie talks about the Final Cut Pro plug-in to SonicFire Pro.
  • Tommy Mack, Senior Account Executive, EVSTommy explains why renting camera gear makes dollars and cents.
  • Joel Holland, III, CEO, Footage FilmJoel tells why he started his company shooting locations.

Sept 24, 2009 – Afternoon


Digital Production BuZZ – Highlights from Digital Video Expo 2009. Our regular weekly show contains highlights from all the interviews we conducted during the show.

TRT: 1:11:13

  • Jessica Sitomer, CEO, The Greenlight CoachJessica gives us ideas to improve our job hunting skills
  • Michael Horton, Head-cutter, LA Final Cut Pro User GroupMichael is, finally, back from Amsterdam with a report on IBC
  • Mark Spencer, Author and CEO, Daystreet ProductionsMark talks about the challenges of teaching Apple’s Motion
  • Carmel King, Executive VP, Broadcast Group, New Bay MediaCarmel is responsible for DV Expo and discusses her show’s strategy
  • Diana Weynand, Author, Co-founder, Weynand TrainingDiana introduces her new iApp of Final Cut Pro shortcuts
  • Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent AssistancePhilip reports fromt the show on the latest video archiving techniques
  • Bruce Nazarian, The Digital GuyBruce checks in with an automated system for producing Blu-ray Discs
  • Brian Valente, Partner, Red Rock MicroBrian shows off new gear for shooting video with digital SLR cameras
  • Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV MagazineNed’s highlights from the show floor.

Sept 25, 2009 – Morning

Digital Video Expo Show 6

Join host Larry Jordan as our sixth show looks at DSLR technology, LED lighting, camera filters, and a new company helping production companies stay green. We open with Oliver Peters, editor for DV Magazine, talking about the post-production process of shooting DSLR media.

TRT: 40:57

  • Oliver Peters, Editor, DV and Videography MagazinesWhat’s the best workflow for editing DSLR media in post?
  • Paul Kobelja, Account Executive, PRGPRG specializes in lighting rental. Here, he discusses LED technology
  • Brady Harris, Technical Sales Rep, Lowel LightingRobert Orlando, Regional Manager for Western US and Latin America, TiffenPaul showcases Lowel’s new LED Blender light

    Robert talks about the importance of infra-red filters for HD cameras

  • Michele Bailey, Sales Manager, LitePanelsMichele explains why LED lights are better than fluorescent or tungsten bulbs
  • Lauren Selman, CEO, ReelGreenMediaLauren has found a way to help companies stay green during production

Sept 26, 2009 – Morning

Digital Video Expo Show 7

Join host Larry Jordan as our seventh, and final, show, showcases some old and new companies. We open with Bob Anderson, from TS Computing, talking about the NewTek Tricaster.

TRT: 52:05

  • Bob Anderson, Director Technical Support, TS ComputersBob highlights the production features of the NewTek Tricaster
  • Ed Bobadilla, Sales Manager, Nelson CasesEd explains how to pick the right case when shipping gear across country
  • Paul Holtz, CEO, ClassOnDemandPaul debates with Larry on the importance of production values in training
  • Dan Henderson, VP marketing, and Dennis
    , Technical Sales Support, FastSoft

    FastSoft has a new product that speeds data transfers across the web

  • Jehu Garcia, CEO, JAG35Jehu started his company to provide low-cost camera accessories
    for low-end video cameras
  • Bernie Keach, Western Regional Sales Manager, Marshall ElectonicsBernie explains the differences between LCD, Plasma, and LED monitors and how to choose the right one.