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Digital Video Expo, at the Pasadena, California, Convention Center is produced by the editors of DV and Videography magazines and the Creative Planet Community web sites. Targeted at the independent film industry this three-day program includes conference tracks on tapeless production, 3D production, web video, and id-depth product training, along with a trade show with exhibits from dozens of industry-leading companies.

The Digital Production BuZZ covered DV Expo with LIVE shows direct from the floor. We produced more than four hours of special programming — 27 extended interviews — at the Expo!

Scroll down this page for a complete list of all our shows and all our guests. These are interviews you won’t hear anywhere else!

Sept 29, 2010

Digital Video Expo Show 1The Expo Begins

Digital Video Expo Show 1
TRT: 1:01:15

Digital Video Expo 2010 is a buzz with talk of 3D video, HDSLR cameras and workflow, and lots of interesting products from companies you may not have heard from. Here’s the first of our special reports.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • David Williams, editor of DV Magazine, about what’s hot at the DV Expo conferences this year.
  • Ned Soltz, contributing editor for DV Magazine, about new technology on the show floor, and the benefits of attending an industry-focused event like this.
  • Tim Smith, manager of the professional engineering and solutions team for Canon, about two new Canon cameras, plus an extended discussion of why sensor size makes a difference in your images when using HDSLR cameras. If you are planning on buying or using a DSLR camera, you need to listen to what Tim is saying.
  • Bruce Dorn, lead designer, IDC, is the keynote speaker for this year’s Digital Video Expo. He and Larry discuss the challenges of working with HDSLR cameras, along with a preview of his upcoming keynote speech.
  • Lon Parker, lead video inspector for iStockPhoto, about the challenges of making sure royalty-free video is safe to buy… and sell. He shares with us the legal hoops that suppliers need to consider, along with tips producers need to keep in mind if they want to sell their images to a wider market.
  • Drew Henderson, CEO of Alzo Video, manufactures and sells lighting gear for filmmakers on a budget. We talk about the new trend toward LED lighting and what to look for when picking gear.
  • Kate Logan, marketing associate, and Alan Natale, program director of the new media editing program, at Video Symphony, stop by to showcase the new training courses and podcast created by Video Symphony.

These are fascinating interviews, filled with ideas and technology-in-depth that you can’t get anywhere else. Be sure to listen to all our DV Expo shows.

These Digital Video Expo special reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

Sept 30, 2010

Digital Video Expo Show 2The Expo Continues

Digital Video Expo Show 2

TRT: 1:29:01

Digital Video Expo 2010 is a buzz with new products and gear. Here’s the second of our special reports live from DV Expo!

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Michael Horton, Co-Host of the Digital Production BuZZ and Founder of LAFCPUG, (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group) stops by to talk to with host, Larry Jordan, about the recent Supermeet and this year’s DV Expo experience.
  • Jan Crittenden Livingston is Panasonic Broadcast’s Product Line Business Manager for the company’s growing line of 3D and camcorders. She talks about two of the most highly anticipated camera introductions of recent years, the AG-3DA1 3D HD camcorder and the AG-AF100, the first professional micro 4/3-inch video camcorder optimized for professional high-definition video recording. She talks tech and gives us a rare inside glimpse at the company’s camera development process.
  • Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor for DV Magazine and Videography Magazine, had the opportunity to take a test-drive with Panasonic’s new AG-AF100.
  • Bruce Master is the senior program manager, tape storage systems for IBM. IBM, HP and Quantum first developed the specification for the LTO (Linear Tape Open) format for storage and archiving about ten years ago. The new LTO-5 technology includes the brand-new ability to drag and drop files, as well as have the contents of an LTO tape look just like a hard disk. With the ability to safely store media for decades!
  • Steven Tiffen, the President and CEO of Tiffen talks about their award-winning camera filters and brief us about new products from Tiffen, Lowell Lights, Steadicam Stabilizers and more.
  • Paul Holtz, president and CEO of Class on Demand, produces self-paced training materials for the creative and media industries. His company has just introduced a new online-based training system.
  • Philip Hodgetts, long known for his cutting-edge technical expertise, addresses an enthusiastic crowd at DV Expo with a talk entitled, “The New Now – Surviving the Changing Business of Production.” In other words, Philip has lots of ideas on how to get work.
  • Doug Pircher, is the CEO of International Supplies which distributes a wide array of products to the entertainment industry. Did you know that deigital cameras stop working when the temperature gets below freezing. so, Doug briefs us about the Camera Duck, which helps videographers protect their cameras from the elements and control temperature that affect performance.
  • Dave Williams, editor of DV Magazine and Conference Chair for the DV Expo 2010 with a list of his favorite new products from this year’s DV Expo.

These Digital Video Expo special reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

Oct 1, 2010

Digital Video Expo Show 3 The Expo Continues

Digital Video Expo Show 3

TRT: 1:05:48

While the show floor at Digital Video Expo 2010 has closed and the vendors have gone home, we still have LOTS of fascinating interviews to share with you.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Sonali Perera, vp of marketing, and Ryan Stickley, director of marketing, for the Independent Filmmakers Alliance. This group of over 75,000 members exists to help filmmakers around the world find the resources they need for their productions.
  • Patrick Sculley, chief technology officer for PixelFlow, explains how their cloud-based video production service can save time and improve communications during production.
  • Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, is a regular on The Buzz. He shares his opinions on new trends in technology and the relevance of trade shows in the world of the internet.
  • Chris Bone is the chief technology officer for VTP which provides sales, support, and training on high-end video and audio software and hardware. He discusses the role of manufacturer’s reps in rolling out new products.
  • Jay Holben, CEO for Filmmaker in a Box, just completed a 17 hour documentary on the making of a feature film. Why? Because he wants to use it as a case study to train future filmmakers.
  • Alex Baghdasaryan, CEO of IIG, provides a software system for equipment rental houses that he is bringing to the media community.
  • Brian Dickman, vp of sales and marketing for Smartsound Software, discusses the challenges of working with music, along with the latest updates to their renowned SonicFire Pro software.
  • Van Tucker, CEO of DV Culture, looks at the culture created by digital media. He began his website a few months ago and aggressively markets it through social media. We talk with him about what works and what doesn’t.

These Digital Video Expo special reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

Oct 2, 2010

Digital Video Expo Show 4 The Expo Concludes

Digital Video Expo Show 4

TRT: 1:03:21

While the show floor at Digital Video Expo 2010 has closed and the vendors have gone home, we had so many great interviews that we wanted to share the rest of them with you.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Tom Coughlin, president of Tom Coughlin & Associates, is a consultant and analyst covering storage media. Recently, with the advent of 3D and higher image resolutions, file storage for media has moved from gigabytes to terabytes and now, PETAbytes! Where are we gonna put all this stuff? Tom will explain.
  • Richard Schleuning, national sales manager for Carl Zeiss, knows camera lenses. Today, he joins us to discuss the differences between prime and zoom lenses, and how to decide which is right for your.
  • Rod Clark, director of marketing for Teradek, has an amazing new box that allows you to wirelessly stream signals from your video camera anywhere in the world. Imagine having your producers track your production FAR from the studio floor!
  • Scott Kase, director of marketing for, helps us sell our used gear. In fact, they can either buy your gear, or help you sell it directly — all for a VERY reasonable fee.
  • Jeff Stansfield, CEO of Advantage Video Systems, is a system integrator who can help make sure the gear you buy is properly hooked up and functioning.
  • Jehu Garcia, CEO of JAG35, was a starving filmmaker just a few years ago. He never forgot how unaffordable a lot of camera gear is, so he created a company that specializes in high-quality, low-cost gear for the student and independent filmmaker.
  • Vic Anthony, CEO of Affordable Sound Stages, stops by to share his thoughts on what producers need to know to rent stages for their productions.
  • Rachel Kenton, sales associate for Zacuto, explains the newest products for camera support from Zacuto.

These Digital Video Expo Special Reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

Thanks to Christina Clapp, David Williams, Marcie Rosenstock, Denise Miller, and the entire DV Expo team for their help in making the Digital Production Buzz at DV Expo so successful!