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The Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2011

Digital Video Expo 2011 provides the chance to “Be Inspired!” And The Digital Production BuZZ takes you right to the heart of the action with interviews and inside insight from the leaders in our industry as the Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2011!

Digital Video Expo, at the Pasadena, California, Convention Center, September 20 to 22, brings content creation professionals together with all the latest technologies. This is a chance to connect with others in the field with networking, events, and more in-depth training than ever before.

Join The BuZZ in Booth 129 – share your thoughts on where the industry is heading. Then, listen to two shows recorded live at the Expo on Thursday, Sept. 22 and Thursday, Sept. 29.

Listen to our Pre-Show Interviews — we add more every week between now and the Expo itself.

Interviews you won’t hear anywhere else!

Sept 22, 2011

Digital Video Expo Show 1The Expo Begins

Eric Trabb, Vice President Sales & Group Publisher, NewBay Media L.L.C. is responsible for all the NewBay print publications, trade shows, like Digital Video Expo, and on-line properties. These include titles like DV, Videography, and Millimeter magazines, 2-pop and Creative Planet websites, and both DV and GV Expos, We are delighted to welcome him to the show. Almost all of us depend upon NewBay for coverage of the industry and we want to get Eric’s take on where it is headed and what NewBay Media is doing to respond to it — you’ll be surprised at his answers.

Jan Crittenden Livingston, Product Manager, Panasonic, is responsible for all of Panasonic’s professional cameras. She joins us today to talk about the premiere of several of their latest cameras, as well a explains what criteria filmmakers can use in deciding which camera is best for their project.

Cristina Clapp, Editorial Director, NewBay Media L.L.C., is responsible for the entire video group at NewBay Media. This includes DV, Videography, and Millimeter magazines,, and the conference track here at DV Expo. We talk with Christina about her goals for the conference here at Digital Video Expo, PLUS, she gives us an exclusive announcement concerning DV magazine. A great interview!

Robert Brambila, Director of Technology, leads the technology team at Promax. Since the rebirth of the company a couple of years ago, Promax has been releasing new products for the video market on a regular basis. This week, we talk with Rob about how they balance their role as a reseller with that of developer, where technology is headed, and what storage trends we need to pay attention to.

Brian Dickman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Smartsound, is a long-time friend of The Buzz. Recently, Smartsound introduced QuickTracks, an Internet-based system of music creation, editing, and manipulation. Brian joins us to explain how QuickTracks works, where the Smartsound library comes from, and ideas producers can use to find the best music for their projects.

Patrick Sculley, CEO of Pixelflow offers a system of “Production in the Cloud.” We talked with him last year at Digital Video Expo and wanted to followup with him this year to learn what’s new.  What we discovered is they have a six-step system to enable filmmakers around the world to collaborate on a single project. Tune in this week to learn more.

Mathew Rehrer, Product Manager for Harmonic was a speaker at the Digital Video Expo Conference, talking about how to plan your storage needs for performance and capacity. We pulled him out of the speaker’s lounge long enough to get him to give us a summary of his presentation.

Sept 29, 2011

Digital Video Expo Show 2The Expo Concludes

Karen Everett, Editor & Owner of New Doc Editing, is a documentary story consultant. Her company helps documentary producers make their stories more compelling. Some documentaries are essays, others are personal journeys, while others follow a more convoluted path. Listen as Karen explains what producers need to know to improve their stories.

Bruce Masters, Senior Program Manager, IBM
Increasingly, producers are turning to LTO tape for archiving projects. In fact, some networks are now accepting LTO for final program delivery. Bruce Masters, Senior Program Manager for IBM discusses Ultrium – the consortium of IBM, HP, and Quantum that are the driving force behind LTO. What is it? How can it help us? And where is it going in the future?

Mark Pastor, Strategic Business Manager, Quantum
Whitney Lippincott, Business Alliance Manager, HP Storage

Bruce Masters set the scene about LTO tape. Mark Pastor and Whitney Lippincott provide specific examples of how it is being used in the real world. We also spend time talking about specific techniques you can use to be successful using LTO tape to archive and access your projects.

Sam Thomas, Product Specialist, Vitec Group/Petrol Bags. Petrol Bags is relatively new to the industry. If you need to carry cameras or other gear from one place to another, these are products you need to check out. Sam Thomas joins us to talk about their newest bag – the Cambio – which provides a built-in tripod and internal lighting system!

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV and Videography Magazines
What can we say? It’s Ned Soltz. Ned looks at the new camera technology on display at DV Expo with an eye on showcasing new cameras and camera accessories and his surprising discovery of removable lenses for the iPhone 4!

Doug PircherGeneral Manager of International Supplies, is a regular on The Buzz at Digital Video Expo. His collection of products you just have not seen anywhere else is legendary. He joins us to showcase some of his latest finds – including digital recorders, camera dolly mounts and, um, pink leopard-skinned lens “skins.”  You have GOT to hear this!

Larry Laboe, Executive Director, New Filmmakers – Los Angeles It is easy, at a trade show, to get totally captivated by technology. But the purpose of filmmaking is to make films that other people want to watch. That’s where Larry Laboe comes in – he heads New Filmmakers – Los Angles, an organization that is part user group and part film festival. And a GREAT place to see films. Join us as Larry explains.

Mike Hall, Co-Founder, Dana Dolly. The Dana Dolly was invented in 1987 by Mike and Dana Hall. Since then, this smooth-rolling device has been used in productions all over the world. Co-found Mike Hall joins us to introduce the newest member of the Dana Dolly family – Dana Dolly Jr.

Jerome CourshonFilm Producer & Distribution Expert, The Secrets of Distribution, has designed an 18-hour course that teaches filmmakers how to get their films into distribution – either theatrically, or online. We talk with him to get some nuggets that we can use to spur sales of our projects online.

Gabriel MitriRegional Account Manager, Matrox Electronic Systems

Shirley Craig, Co-Founder, Weynand Training International. The name “Weynand Training” is synonymous with Final Cut Pro training – from classroom to textbooks. Co-founder Shirley Craig joins us to talk about Diana’s latest Final Cut Pro X textbook, and a new branch to their company – developing iPhone apps. Their latest, which turns an iPhone into a professional voice-over recording studio is amazing. Listen to learn more!

Charlie BlachmanSale Executive/Buyer, Zreiss & Associates/Raynox USA. Z. Reiss & Associates is a distributor for prosumer and professional cameras and lenses. Charlie Blachman joins us to talk about their line of camera lenses and a truly unique, hand-carved, solid wood keyboard and mouse.  Wow! Talk about a product range!

Kim HendersonSales EngineerNewTek. NewTek is a leader in live video production on a budget. We talk with Kim Henderson who showcases NewTek’s latest products – and explains how they are used in live production. If you haven’t tuned into NewTek for a while, their latest gear will amaze you!

Woody Woodhall, Founder of LAPPG, is a professional audio engineer with years of experience in location sound and audio post. He’s also the founder of the Los Angeles Post-Production User Group (LAPPG). We talk with him about the user group, and his advice on how to assemble the sound you need for your mix while you are doing the shoot itself.

Raymond Blumenthal, V.P. Broadcast Systems, Tiffen. Tiffen is a company that makes more than camera filters. They also provide Steadicam, Lowel Lights, and Listec prompters. We talk with Raymond Blumenthal about Tiffen’s latest products – including filters – and how they are aggressively moving to support the independent producer with a limited budget.