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Digital Production BuZZ official podcast for Government Video Expo 2011

The Digital Production Buzz
The Official Podcast of Government Video Expo 2011

Government Video Expo, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, the East Coast’s largest pro video and broadcast expo, was held November 29 to December 1 in the heart of our nation’s capital. During the event, attendees learned about cutting-edge video technologies in a comprehensive conference program, then went hands-on with the latest video gear in an exhibit hall featuring over 120 suppliers, dealers and distributors.

The Digital Production BuZZ is the official podcast for GV Expo 2011 covering interviews with key members of the government video community. Our team of reporters covered the show with interviews that will air directly on The Buzz and be posted to this website.

We have already started posting interviews — more will appear over the following week.

Michael Gailing
Director of Marketing

Michael Gailing, Director of Marketing for Teradek, describes the Cube – a camera-mounted video encoder that allows other members of the crew to watch camera recording or playback wirelessly.  Michael also announces two new hardware devices designed to aid the independent filmmaker.

Erica Ginsberg
Executive Director
Docs in Progress

Docs in Progress is a non-profit organization dedicated to the independent documentary filmmaker. Providing education, networking opportunities, and training, Erica Ginsberg, Executive Director, visits with The Buzz to discuss what they do and how filmmakers can take advantage of it.

Ericka Hoffman
Account Executive
National Captioning Institute

With the passage of the “Americans With Disabilities” Act, closed captioning for broadcast and the web is becoming a requirement for even small productions. Ericka Hoffman, Account Executive for the National Captioning Institute, explains the services they offer and introduces a brand new service specifically for web video:  Recap’d

Lt. Col. Francisco Hamm
Entertainment Liaison Office – LA
U.S.Air Force

Lt. Col. Francisco Hamm helps the film-making community get access to military facilities and personnel. Though he worked with Michael Bay on Transformers 2, the real service he provides is for documentary and reality programs. If you want to know how to put the military into your next production, you need to listen to this interview.

Claude LaVallee
VP Programming
Women in Film & Video
DC Chapter

Claude LaVallee, the Vice President of Programming for the Women in Film and TV  for the DC Chapter, explains the role of her organization, the benefits it provides and what you need to know to join.

Daine Pearson
Sales Manager
Asia Media Products

Daine Pearson, Sales Manager for Asia Media Products, showcases the latest features in the Cinedeck digital video recorder, and Cache-A tape backup systems.

Rakesh Agrawal
Snapstream Media

Rakesh Agrawal, the CEO of Snapstream Media, explains the benefits of his television record and search technology. With the ability to record up to ten TV channels at once, his gear is becoming increasingly used by a variety of news organizations and political campaigns – including “The Daily Show.”

Danny Peters
Director of Creative Services

Danny Peters discusses Quantel’s new products called QTube, a cloud-based media workflow and Pablo PA, a software conform and prep station.

Tridib Chakravarty (Graham TC)
Storage DNA

Graham TC of Storage DNA discusses his companies’ file-based workflow, archiving, and long-term storage solutions using LTO-5 technology.

Hilary Montgomery
Virginia Production Alliance

The Virginia Production Alliance is focused on bringing films to Virginia and helping local professionals find work. Hilary Montgomery tells us more about the organization and member benefits.

Alex Czentye
VP, Sales & Marketing
All Pro Solutions, Inc.

Alex Czentye explains the latest technology offered by All Pro Solutions, Inc. which provides CD, DVD, & Blu-ray Disc duplication services.

Ken Hawes
US Army Public Affairs Office-L.A.

Ken Hawes discusses how the US Army Public Affairs Office in Los Angeles can provide assistance to filmmakers in creating military-based stories for film, TV, and documentaries.

Luis Estrada
Solution Marketing Manager
Harmonic, Inc

Recently, Harmonic acquired Omneon. In this interview, Luis Estrada discusses what Harmonic is, the products it provides, and how it can assist in managing the process of video production.

Colleen Meade
Account Executive

Colleen Meade provides information about Omnimusic and their extensive library of high-quality production music as well as applications of their products.

Jon Gann
DC Film Alliance

Jon Gann of the DC Film Alliance promotes the benefits of membership such as their Resource Data Base, non-profit Information Exchange, monthly Film Salon, & their DC Shorts Film Festival.

Crist Myers
Myers Information Systems

Myers Information Systems develops software for broadcast systems for workflow and project management, as its CEO, Crist Myers, explains.

Irfan Merchant
Vitruvian Entertainment

Vitruvian Entertainment makes systems that provide a full virtual studio in a very limited space. Using trackless cameras, you can place actors within a fully realized virtual environment. Company president, Irfan Merchant, explains what it is and how it works.

Kris Pilon
for Barber Tech

Barber Tech makes the SteddiePod, a full-featured, portable monopod providing a wide range of camera support and auxiliary services. Kris Pilon was representing them at GV Expo and explains the device.

Sandeep Ohri
Monarch Innovative Systems

Monarch Innovative Systems has exhibited their virtual studio system for four years at NAB. However, as CEO Sandeep Ohri explains, the government market didn’t take them seriously until the showed up this year at Government Video Expo.

Corey Tedrow Sr. Applications Specialist
Rob ForemanTerritory Account Manager
Avid Technologies

The big news in November was Avid updating Media Composer to version 6. In this interview Corey Tedrow presents some of the more popular features, while Rob Foreman highlights some of the customer response.

Martin (Marty) Atias
ATS Communications

Marty Atias, the owner of ATS Communications provides information about the scope of services of his media production company which includes equipment vending, repairs, and their new rentable Mobile Production Vehicles which are equipped & configured to any clients applications.

Fred Thorne
Regional Sales Manager
Litepanels, Inc.

Fred Thorne, the Regional Sales Manager of Litepanels shares various features of some of their LED lights, including the Litepanels Croma, Micropro Hybrid, Litepanels Hilio, and their new ENG Lighting Kit.

Walter Gallant
ClosedCaption Maker

Walter Gallant, President of ClosedCaption Maker, discusses how his company adds Closed Captioning to videos and DVD’s created by other companies in order to make the videos accessible to the Deaf/HOH community as mandated by Federal Law, Section 508.

Sean Carroll
U.S. Coast Guard

Like other military services, the U.S. Coast Guard runs a public affairs office to help filmmakers work with the Coast Guard. In this interview, Commander Sean Carroll describes how their office works and what facilities they have that are popular with filmmakers.

Scott Gordan
Word Wizards, Inc.

TIVA is an organization that runs the Peer Awards, the largest film and television contest in the mid-Atlantic states. They also provide membership training and networking throughout the year, as Scott Gordan explains. Also, Scott’s company provides closed captioning services for web videos, so he explains the need to comply with the requirements of the American’s With Disabilities Act (section 508).

Jack Gerbes
Maryland Film Office

Maryland, like almost every other state in the U.S., wants to attract filmmakers to shoot in their state. Jack Gerbes explains what his office does, why filmmakers should use it, and some of the benefits of shooting in Maryland.

David Carlson
Sr. Manager, Professional, Engineering, and Solutions Group
Canon USA

Recently, Canon released the new E-300 camera, which is getting a lot of attention from the government and military filmmakers. David Carlson explains the features of the new camera, as well as a new group Canon just assembled which provides training and technical help to government and military agencies.

George Stemper
VP, Public Markets
Onstream Media Corp.

Web meetings, online training, and virtual trade shows are growing in popularity. These are exactly what Onstream Media provides, as George Stemper explains.

Thierry Humeau
Telecam Films

Telecam Films is a production company based in Washington, DC. Their president, Thierry Humeau, discusses the impact new camera technology is having on small production companies, and looks at how Canon cameras are creating serious havoc in the market.

Jim McKenna
Facilis Technology

Facilis makes high-speed, high-capacity file sharing systems specifically designed for post-production. Their systems support Windows, Mac, and LInux systems and, as Jim McKenna explains, they just released a new upgrade.

Aaron Tunnel
VP of Engineering
Digital Video Group

Digital Video Group is a reseller of production and post-production gear. As Aaron Tunnel explains, there’s a lot of new gear to take a look at – especially for the government market.

Arun Chaudhary
Former White House Videographer

For four years, Arun Chaudhary was the White House videographer. Before that, he was videographer for Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Here he discusses what it was like creating video in the pressure-cooker of the White House – and the balance between what he was doing and the press corps.