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PHYX Releases PHYX Flarelight

PHYX Incorporated, maker of visual effects software recently unveiled PHYX Flarelight, it’s newest plugin collection. PHYX Flarelight is a world-class suite of GPU-accelerated plugins designed to generate lens flares, anamorphic glare, 3d noise, star fields, and glow. PHYX Flarelight plugins and filters are designed for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics work within major host applications from Apple and Adobe.

New in PHYX Flarelight:

  • LensFlare generates realistic lens flares with anamorphic streaks
  • AnamorphicGlare simulates the popular ‘blue streak’ glare from anamorphic lenses on highlights
  • MegaGlow is an industrial-strength glow plugin
  • StarGen creates vast star fields
  • TrueNoise creates true 3d noise which can be used to simulate flames, 3d water displacement textures, etc.

PHYX Flarelight plugins are compatible with: Apple Final Cut Pro (7&X), Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

PHYX visual effects software is the industry standard and is used by some of the industry’s major players including Apple, the Walt Disney Company, Fox Sports, and Sony Music Entertainment.

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Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug Now Available for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated visual effects and workflow technology for video and film, has announced that Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug (BCC 8 FxPlug) is now available for Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 in addition to Final Cut Pro 7.

Saving time and post-production budgets, Boris Continuum Complete gives editors and motion graphics artists the power to create high-quality broadcast graphics and perform project-saving image restorations within Final Cut Pro. A whopping 200+ filters include extruded text, 3D particle effects, image restoration and touchup tools, true 3D lens flares and volumetric lighting effects, keys and mattes, color grading tools, time-based effects, blurs, glows, stylish auto-animating transitions, and cinematic effects such as film grain and film process looks.

Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug Feature Highlights for Apple Final Cut Pro X –

  • New Final Cut Pro X Templates allow editors to quickly achieve powerful VFX with great-looking, easy-to-use Glows, Lights, Particles, and Tilt-Shift effects. In addition to taking advantage of the Final Cut Pro X templates included with BCC 8 FxPlug, editors are able to create their own FCP X templates with BCC FxPlug in Motion 5, and access and reuse these templates in FCP X without going back to Motion 5.
  • All-New Final Cut Pro X Transitions: BCC FxPlug features all-new designer transition effects for FCP X ranging from lens flares and lens blurs to organic wipes and dissolves.
  • Extrusions for Final Cut Pro X: BCC FxPlug gives FCP X users first-ever access to powerful extrusion filters that make it easy to create 3D objects using text and shapes. The Extruded Text filter creates stunning 3D text elements. Extruded EPS provides an easy way to import and extrude Adobe Illustrator layered vector logos. Type-on Text creates animated text type-ons that fly in from behind or toward the camera or slide into view from the top, left, bottom, or right of the screen. Layer Deformer generates useful 3D shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, and cylinders and deforms these objects using built-in vertex and pixel shaders.
  • Built-in Masking System for Final Cut Pro X: Many BCC FxPlug filters feature PixelChooser, a totally unique built-in masking system. This easy-to-use tool allows editors to selectively apply a BCC filter to video by matting out a portion of the image based on criteria ranging from color channel information to simple geometric shapes.
  • Built-in Motion Tracking for Final Cut Pro X: Built-in, automated motion tracking allows editors to animate layers based on one or more user-selected tracking points, facilitating day-to-day tasks such as match-moving, corner pinning, and wire and rig removal.
  • Lens Blur Effects for Final Cut Pro X: Multiprocessor-accelerated lens blurring effects allow editors to match looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting.
  • Versatile, High-Quality Glow Effects: New to BCC 8 FxPlug, the BCC Film Glow filter offers precise threshold control, glow color control, individual X and Y glow width control for vertical or horizontal glows, and even individual glow scale for each color in the image.

The filter also provides several useful built-in tools:

  • Blend Modes which determine how the glow composites with the image
  • PixelChooser for confining the glow source to a specified area of the frame
  • Beat Reactor for audio-driven glow effects
  • Motion Tracking to track a glow with a PixelChooser-determined region
  • Auto-animated, randomized flicker option for the intensity and threshold controls


Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug is immediately available. Owners of previous versions of BCC FxPlug may upgrade.

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Eyeon Ships Connection v1.5

Eyeon has updated its Eyeon Connection plug-in for Avid’s AVX2 architecture to v1.5, adding new features to its round-trip functionality between Eyeon Fusion and Avid Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, and DS.

By building a bridge between Avid’s NLE environment and Fusion’s node-based compositing tools, Connection is (like Autodesk’s new Smoke 2013) a way for editors to get at high-end VFX functionality and see that work reflected on their editorial timeline.

New features incorporated in v1.5 include single layer and node multi-input from DS composite containers; clip and track effect support for DS containers, support for 10-bit video remapping to 16-bit float in Media Composer and Symphony, and to 32-bit float in DS 11.02; VFX comp versioning, allowing editors to view and switch VFX results on the Avid timeline; uncompressed or compressed Fusion raw files; and faster processing from the Media Composer and Symphony timelines.

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Boris Continuum Complete v8.1 for Sony Vegas Pro

Boris Continuum Complete v8.1 for Sony Vegas Pro is now available. Boris suggests that all BCC v8.x for Vegas Pro users download the latest version of BCC for Vegas Pro as it contains many important updates and enhancements, including new depth of field support and significantly improved performance for BCC Particle Emitter 3D, BCC Organic Strands, BCC Wild Cards, BCC Particle Array 3D, and BCC Pin Art 3D.

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Beauty Box Video 2.0 Released for Easy Skin Retouching in Assimilate Scratch, Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio

Digital Anarchy announced Beauty Box Video 2.0 for OpenFX, a new release that brings their award-winning skin retouching plug-in to Assimilate Scratch, Scratch Lab, Sony Vegas Pro, and Sony Movie Studio. Beauty Box now uses OpenCL, a new technology that runs on ATI and Nvidia cards, to automatically reduce wrinkles and blemishes. Fast rendering allows it to fit into any workflow pipeline. Version 2.0 also introduces a new smoothing algorithm that improves automatic masking, and adds shine removal for hot spots on skin areas.

Since 2008, Beauty Box Video has been a critical tool for dealing with skin and makeup problems that HD and 4K reveal, but were not apparent in SD. Beauty Box gives actors or models an incredible makeover in post-production, using state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms that preserve important details and the natural skin texture. Its version 2.0 algorithm has been redeveloped to take advantage of the new OpenCL technology, which speeds up Beauty Box regardless of host application, operating system, or make of video card.

Here is a rundown of the great new features:

  • Assimilate Scratch and Sony Vegas Support: With this release we support a wide range of users from high-end finishing and advanced dailies artists to professional videographers. Other OpenFX Applications will be officially supported soon.
  • Fast Rendering: A complete rewrite of the skin-smoothing algorithm means Beauty Box renders quickly on ATI and NVIDIA cards.
  • Used by Hollywood: This best of class software for skin and makeup problems is used by studios around the world for feature films, television and commercials.
  • Shine Removal: Get rid of hot spots caused by shiny skin and bright lights! This feature dramatically reduces the effect of poor lighting conditions.
  • Better Masking: The skintone recognition algorithm has been redesigned for a better automatic masking process.
  • Award Winning: VideoMaker magazine named Beauty Box the Plugin of the Year, and it received multiple best of NAB awards when it was released in 2010.


Beauty Box Video runs in ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio v10-11, After Effects 7.0–CS6, Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, and Premiere Pro CS4–CS6. The product runs on Macintosh 10.5–10.8, Windows XP–7 and Vista 32- or 64-bit systems. Demo filters and samples are available on the website.

FxFactory 3.0.3 Released

Noise Industries has announced that Callouts is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that puts the power of emphasis into your hands. Add arrows, shapes, magnifiers, animated map trajectories, speech and thought bubbles and much more to your next video project. Callouts can be used for instructional or whimsical purposes, and they never fail to make their point.

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Singular Software PluralEyes Shows Its Support for Adobe Creative Suite 6

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, is pleased to announce its multi-award winning PluralEyes software now offers full support for the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 6 software. Available for Mac and Windows, PluralEyes leverages the built-in capability in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 video editing software to export and re-import XML data for seamless project exchange. Users will be able to download the PluralEyes integration component for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 through the Adobe Exchange, its new online extension and plug-in marketplace.

Attendees to NAB 2012 can see the upcoming version of PluralEyes for Adobe Creative Suite 6 in the Plug-in Pavilion at booth SL2426.

PluralEyes Multi-Camera and Dual-System Audio Workflow Timesaver

PluralEyes dramatically accelerates the workflow for multi-camera, multi-take and dual-system audio productions. By analyzing audio information, PluralEyes synchronizes audio and video clips automatically, without the need for timecode, clappers or other special preparation. The one-click ‘sync video clips’ and ‘replace audio’ capabilities provide simple and accurate synchronization of media regardless of project type or size.

At NAB 2012, Adobe will reveal more about Creative Suite 6 video tools, which are expected to ship in the first half of 2012. Redesigned by and for editors, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 combines faster performance with a sleek, customizable user interface and powerful trimming tools that let editors work the way they want to.

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Adobe CS6 Production Premium will be demonstrated at NAB 2012 in Adobe booth SL2624.

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Video Copilot Optical Flares Plug-in for After Effects & Pro Presets 1 Bundle

AV3 Software has announced that Optical Flares is a plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects. The Pro Presets is a collection of 50 detailed high-end flares set up with shimmer animation, edge flare-ups and more. This collection offers greater versatility to the 60 built-in presets as well as providing creative ideas and usage of elements. Also, each object can be saved and combined with your other lens flare presets.

Click for more information about Video Copilot’s Optical Flares Plug-in for After Effects & Pro Presets 1 Bundle.

Crumplepop debuts ToneGrade for Final Cut Pro X

Video plug-in maker Crumplepop in collaboration with Editkick have released a new plug-in called ToneGrade for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X that makes it easy to color-grade and apply HDR-like tone-mapping effects to video footage, enhancing the texture of brightly-lit scenes and increasing detail and realism in faces and objects.

As seen in the video below, the application of tone-mapping can be used to apply a subtle grittiness, even out differently-lit portions of a scene or bring out detail that can get washed away. As in still photography, HDR tone-mapping brings out textures in white objects like snow and restores “punch” in both shadows and highlights, creating a “hyper-real” level of accuracy and fine detail. Because the plug-in is FCP X native, no rendering time is required and users can see the effect of their adjustments in real-time. ToneGrade works with both SD and HD footage.

The plug-in also includes a set of color grading tools to help warm or cool the natural lighting of a scene, along with a skin smoothing control that will soften only skin tones (which tend to get uncomfortably detailed in tone-mapping extremes).

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AV3 Software Announces Digieffects 2.5 Now Available

AV3 Software has announced the Digieffects release of their new v2.5 product line up.  The new Digieffects v2.5 product line-up not only provides VFX artists with a breadth of tools to enhance their work, it also provides video editors with access to VFX tools that are affordable, easy to use, and accessible – directly from within their editing applications of choice.

A developer of popular software plugins for Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Autodesk Combustion, Digieffects, have been in the motion graphics business since the beginning of the “plugin revolution” in 1996. Over the years, Digieffects has had great success with software & plug-in products like Cinelook and Delirium and is proud to call thousands of film and video producers all around the world their customers and friends.

If users have already purchased the Digieffects v2 software, they are entitled to a free upgrade to v2.5.

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