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– A brand new collection of 50 film strip and burn effects in 4k

– Rendered in FCPX 10.1 with mBurns 2 4K

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SUGARfx Releases Swoosh

Noise Industries is pleased to announce that SUGARfx Swoosh can give its users a large collection of light brush effects, titles and transitions for their projects.

Swoosh is available exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

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Nattress Film Transitions Released for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Nattress Film Transitions to FxFactory, available now for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects. Users can easily add dynamic transition effects to footage, simulating burning film, jumpy splicing, overexposure, and optical dissolves for a unique look. Users can test the plugins free of charge in trial mode.

Nattress Film Transitions Include:

  • Burn Through – This effect mimics the melting and burning of the film image when the film jams in the projector and gets roasted by the projector lamp. Select from several different burn styles, or create and load your own.
  • Film Dissolve – This transition brings the power of film-log space to recreate the illusion of an optical dissolve. Choose from four different styles of dissolve – each applying light in a distinct fashion, simulating film dissolves produced in the various stages of film processing.
  • Film Flash – This transition mimics the effect of overexposing the film as it slows down to a stop at the end of a take.
  • Jumpy Splice – This popular transition simulates the effect of film jumping out of the projector’s registration sprockets at the point of a tape splice. Choose from 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and Super8 style film.

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Sheffield Softworks Releases Look Sweet II Plugins

Sheffield Softworks‘ Look Sweet II plugins are designed to sweeten the look of your mundane, troubled, or ordinary footage.

Mr. Fixit EZ

Mr. Fixit EZ is the ultimate, easy to use footage rescue system. Using HDR photography techniques, Mr. fixit eZ builds the brightest possible shadows and the darkest possible highlights and allows you to mix them back into the original image without affecting the color. It also gives you the option to flatten the highlights, giving an overall brighter image.

Vibrance Plus

Vibrance Plus gives you fine control over saturation and desaturation of your clips. It increases chroma faster in the lower saturation areas, so you get a more vibrant image. Dragging the slider negative decreases the chroma in higher saturation areas faster than lower ones. The “plus” modes are Pastel, which turns high chroma areas pale, and Enhance, which slightly brightens higher chroma areas so can give people an “inner glow”.

Bounce Fill

Bounce Fill simulates the use of a colored bounce fill reflector. This defaults to a gold reflector, but can be set to any color. Because the reflectivity of items in the image varies according their color relationship to the color of the reflector, an optional invert clip can alter the influence of the fill light based on an object’s color.

Super Glam

Super Glam gives your footage the final polish. It’s a combination of sharpening highlights and softening shadows. This processing can be done on the full color image, or on the luminance alone, leaving chroma untouched. Super glam can really bring dull footage to life.

These four plugins, used separately, or synergistically in combination can take your ordinary footage to the next level and beyond.

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DVcreators Announces FilmStyles for FCP7

DVcreators introduced a new bundle of three plugins for Final Cut Pro 7, designed by company head Josh Mellicker. Product achieves different looks in just minutes without wading through pages of endless parameters or presets. The main goal of FilmStyles is to give video footage the look of film… but they can be used to achieve a variety of looks and styles.

FilmStyles is a bundle of three plug-ins for Final Cut Pro 7 that are simple and easy to master, providing varied filmic looks without wading through pages of endless parameters or presets. The main goal of FilmStyles is to give video footage the look of film… but they can be used to achieve a huge variety of awesome looks and styles.

G DVC FilmStyles adds a “Film Look” via S-Gamma Film response curve; Black & White Diffusion filters add glow and soften without losing sharpness; Tint with blend modes for a huge variety of looks, tint gradients for dramatic skies.

G DVC 35mm DOF offers Film Depth of Field. Plugin simulates shallow depth of field in post; improves quality of final video; Keyframeable rectangle and oval shape masks; Invert mask for “Incognito” effect.

G DVC FilmStyles 24p creates “Film Motion.” Gives 60i/50i video the motion characteristics of film; Smart deinterlacing preserves resolution; Converts 60i NTSC to 30p; Converts 50i PAL to 25p; Converts 60i to 24p with 3:2 pulldown; Motion blur control.

Compatibility: requires Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 (these plugins do not work in Final Cut Pro X).

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